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  1. woodycctv
    woodycctv CapriJake
    Morning Jake
    Could I have a pair please.
    Thanks Mark
  2. steve 35
    steve 35
    Back again, and looking for another capri
  3. Francisco Pinto Abreu
  4. firebladepully
    firebladepully Ptgladstone

    Where you selling a MT75 Hybrid gearbox sometime ago on another capri site?

    1. Ptgladstone
      Yeah still have it, changed to a T5 at great expenses
      4 December 2018
  5. TNTantoine
    Owner of a 1700GT XLR V4 MK1 from 1971
  6. Paul Domoney
    Paul Domoney
    Hello. I'm Paul from Zimbabwe. Just bought a very nice yellow Mk1 Capri 1600GT. Looking forward to chatting with other members
  7. firebladepully
    firebladepully Ptgladstone

    Do you still have that loom for the K6 you were trying to sell a while ago?


    1. Ptgladstone
      It’s sold but can make another if required
      23 October 2018
  8. Jasper12
    Jasper12 Colinsw1
    Hi Colin do you have a mk3 boot well
  9. Jasper12
    Jasper12 NialDiamond
    Hi nial am after a mk3 spare wheel well if you have one
  10. Laser
    Always something to fix on a capri !
  11. Not_Anumber
    Not_Anumber Mr Anthony Baldwin
    Did you read the replies to your post ?
  12. trevster mk 2
    trevster mk 2
    As i like it sideways, 1 bag of cement for sale !!
  13. pauliil1948
    pauliil1948 NialDiamond
    Hi Nial ,need a mint 2.8 rad posted to ml6 0nr,thanks and how much .
  14. Mr Anthony Baldwin
    Mr Anthony Baldwin
    A Cortina driver with a Capri engine?
  15. leslie
    Hi, does anyone know if there is a capri club in the South West of UK ?
  16. Not_Anumber
    Not_Anumber robt100
    I could do with some trim repairs if your wife would be interested. I put some generic grey dye on my half leather seats badly but when i tried some leather cleaner on it the new colour came off on the rag plus it doesnt match. Also the centre panels could do with more padding and lumber support. I also need steering wheel covered Plus the saggy cloth seats in my old MGB tightened up. Chris<b...
  17. CapriGear
    I have stocks due in end of January/early February so everyone who is on the list will get their tanks as soon as they're in stock.
  18. Classic1
    Classic1 CapriGear
    Hi MArtin, can you put my name down for a 2.8 petrol tank please, what would be the lead time as you said you have a few on the list already
    Cheers Steve
  19. Jasper12
    Jasper12 Colinsw1
    Hi Colin do you have a type 5 bell housing which accommodates a cable clutch thanks
  20. Sergio52
    Bonjour tout le monde ... je suis Suisse et habite en Suisse , prés de Lausanne , je ne parle que le français ... suis depuis 1970 avec les Capris ... actuellement je n'ai plus de Capri ... mais pleins de souvenirs et photos ... :) que je publierais ici ... :)
  21. Laser
    OCD Capri owner !
  22. swilso1958
  23. brian c
    brian c malcolmrs2000
    Hi, my sender works but the solder round the pipes leak, i thought i could put the electrics of mine on one of yours but iv'e now discoverd its not that easy, the part that houses the electrics is welded to the pipe so needs to be dismantled and i don't want to go there, electrics not my strong point. looks like a new one or good 2nd hand. Thanks, Brian.
  24. CapriGear
    Nothing decent in stock at the moment I'm afraid.
  25. Alec Hafele
    Alec Hafele CapriGear
    Hi Martin, I'm still looking for a good Mk3 bonnet if you hear of one please let me know, cheers Alec
  26. mickysparks
    mickysparks wildwest-capri
    hi gold member told me you can supply under bonnet stickers for my mk 3 3.0s need svo sticker saying black paint and also any other stickers related to the under bonnet area for this model if you could e mail me a list and costs that would be great thanks micky sparks my e mail is cheers
  27. corrigan
    Hello all,My name is Paul I just signed up.I have a mk3 3.0s Capri I'm restoring.
  28. dave c
    dave c Lord Flasheart
    Hi mate you will enjoy every moment meguiars will get in touch with you with a time to take your car on the thursday and what number hall and door to go to they will show you where to put your car on the stand they will give you passes for the weekend including parking passes you will have access to a vip room with free refreshments you are allowed in 1 hour before the public to wipe your car over
  29. mustang
    mustang Ross YB
    thanks for the in on the t5 box,
  30. Lazenby43
    Lazenby43 armstrs
    Hi, if not sold can I buy it please? Thanks Jeff, Wigan.
  31. taxiroy
    taxiroy Rainman66
    hello if you saleing a brookland pleas call me on 02084070353 my name is roy im in croydon to thanks
  32. PaulG
    First Capri was 3 yr old 1977 MK2 2.0S. Former Mechanic, garage owner and motor vehicle lecturer. Surrey Capri Club Treasurer
  33. capriwheels99
    capriwheels99 Mutley00
    hi there do you have a 280
    i want to buy one
  34. capriwheels99
    capriwheels99 Wilky
    hi wilky whats your number
  35. capriwheels99
    capriwheels99 CapriJake
    im looking to buy a 2.8 or 280
  36. capriwheels99
    capriwheels99 Kris
    im looking to buy a ford capri 280 or 2.8
  37. capriwheels99
    capriwheels99 alanh
    hi im looking to buy a ford capri 280 or 2.8
  38. Mitchz
    Hi guys
    I'm looking for a legal chassisnumber + documents for my new capri project.
    I hope you guys can give me some offers of models you have + price, that would be awsome!
    I would prefer documents + chassisnumber of a V6, which one doesn't matter.
    Thank you very much!
  39. Finn
    Finn emmie0222
    Hello, Finn here, I have 5 Capris, ring me on 01354 680548 or 07753 101315 and we will sort something out. Paul
  40. Mutley00
    Mutley00 Wilky
    Hi Wilky
    I see you are a fellow Sheffielder. I've re-joined the forum as I want another 280. I spotted that 280 on EvilBay and am in touch with the 'owner' but treading very very carefully. Do you know its a definate hoax (Is there a register kept to say who actually owns the car) or is it just your suspicions given mileage and price? Cheers, Andrew
  41. 302Capri
    302Capri Craigorypeck
    Hi mate.
    I contacted a guy in Belgium who I have bought parts from before - he has a LHD power rack available. Do you need the hoses as well? He wants €260 delivered to me in Dublin including the hoses. I can get it to you for approx €70 - maybe less depending on the weight. I'm told it is in good condition, but can't guarantee of course.
    Let me know if that helps you out.<br...
  42. councilxvb32
  43. MikeJ
    MikeJ classiccapri
    Looking at your post with kit for sale
    I would be interested in the following
    Converted Mk3 Headlights if they are still available.
    Rose Jointed TCA's
    my email address is
  44. renaulthater
    renaulthater weedling
    Hi you say you have nos fuel flaps
    how much are you asking for one?
  45. deathnglory
    deathnglory jebspencer1980
    Hi, is the axle kit still for sale?
    regards Ben
  46. Finn
    Finn andy555
    Give me a bell on 01354 680548 or 07753 101315, one local to me, can be heard running, I am at PE15 0LS. Finn.
  47. Dave Hatt
    Dave Hatt
    many thanks , its nice to be back behind the wheel of a real car! soz for late reply but been crazy busy!
  48. resto2.8i
    resto2.8i Dave Hatt
    Welcome buddy, enjoy the car.
  49. resto2.8i
    resto2.8i Dave Hatt
    Welcome mate, hope you enjoy the car.
  50. CapriGear
    Hi Martin,
    I'm looking for a power steering pump and associated tensioner wheel (I already have the pump mounting bracket, but will buy this also if it comes as a complete unit) plus a crossmember for my Capri mk2 3.0S. I'm doing a PAS conversion. I already have all the other main parts I need. I have been acquiring as I've been going along. Can you help with these items ?<br ...
  51. Dave Hatt
    Dave Hatt
    Hi all,just saying hello.
    I am in the process of taking possession of a Black 2.8 Injection and the previous owner sent me a link to this site so here we are!
  52. joe27
    joe27 BigJ
    Hi mate got your name off Nial diamond, do you have any sender units for 2.8. Cheers joe
  53. Caprighia2
    Hi everyone I brought mymk2 ghia November last year I've stripped it down ready for paint next week can't wait to get it on the road
  54. CapriGear
    I've managed to find 2 indicator stalks. I've tested both on a car today and they're both fully working. Price delivered within the U.K is £56.00 for the pair.
    Thanks, Martin.
  55. CapriGear
    I've managed to find 2 indicator stalks. I've tested both on a car today and they're both fully working. Price delivered within the U.K is £56.00 for the pair.
    Thanks, Martin.
  56. CapriGear
    I'll see if I have any when I'm next in the workshop on Monday.
    Thanks, Martin.
  57. CapriGear
    I'll see if I have any when I'm next in the workshop on Monday.
    Thanks, Martin.
  58. caprimad
    caprimad CapriGear
    hi looking for 2 x indicator/horn stalks for the latter mk3 ... how much would these be
  59. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange Craigpaterson85
    and its a cracking wee motor too
  60. alanh
    alanh MK3Ste
    Hi I have new one in box if you send me your e mail I will send you a pic thanks alan
  61. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange jrcapri
    welcome to the forum, nice to see more Scottish guys getting involved
  62. Rick
    Rick elliecharlie2008
    Even mate I haven't been on here in ages I kept the capri in the end I couldn't bring myself to sell :-)
    Hope u and your are well I still plan to pop n see u mate when time allows.
  63. rossored86
    rossored86 alanh
    Hello mate
    thanks for inviting me to your frinds list
    best wishes
  64. NialDiamond
    2.0L laser arriving tomorow,all parts availabl
  65. allford
    allford 2.8jonny
    Hi mate are you sorted for the bonnet trim. If not give Martin a call he had 2 in the garage this morning 07884 446 449
    Regards Rob
  66. acewayne
    why cant I get my profile pic the right way round lol
  67. AJB64
    Hi everyone just thought I would say hello, new to forum recently bought a 280 TT & it will be heading up to Quoyloo later this week to have a little TLC
  68. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange Copey
    26th Jan - Happy Birthday young Sir ... Hope all is well
  69. Ewan629
    thankyou very much kind sir :)
    only got my capri project November and so far only really taken bits off and started sanding it down ready for respraying, im only 19 and this is my first real restoration so im sure some expert advice would prove invaluable, my dad is pretty handy with mechanics but never had a capri before so im sure we will have questions you might have experiance in :)<b...
  70. rossored86
    rossored86 Ewan629
    Hello mate
    Ive offered to others but always glad to help the local lads -- good knowledge and not a big hammer and footloose cowboya cowboy -- give us a ring --
    01508 493239 -0-- i do like loads of tea and never drink and drive .....
  71. Msbishop
    Owned 2 capri 2.8i specials
    A black Areg (for 2yrs) with no limited slip diff fitted.....grrrrr
    And E426 CCF A White 2.8i Special for two years. Absolutely mint condition, will post pictures of her when I can locate them... I was a 25yr old when I owned her and now that I'm 41 I need another capri fix.... So on the look out at the moment! \o/ yay!
  72. rossored86
    You are one of my most respected posters on here -- i feel very humbled at your asking --when i am in Scotland i must make a point of calling --I feel we wil be of common ground.
  73. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange rossored86
    I like your mentality, cannot understand why I haven't asked to be added to your 'Friends' list before now
  74. PenelopesMaster
    PenelopesMaster trevster mk 2
    Hi Trev, sounds good, let me know what meets you will be at. Would be good to meet up
  75. trevster mk 2
    trevster mk 2 PenelopesMaster
    Hi i see you're not far from me (salisbury), maybe meet up at a show next year?
    regards trevster
  76. rossored86
    rossored86 iamzod
    is the engine still available mate?
  77. Mk2 Ghia
    Mk2 Ghia
    Ford Capri MK2 3.0L Ghia 1977
    Engine standard apart from Car Clinic double manifold running 2 Weber 38 DGMS carbs and K&N Filters. Accuspark ignition module and coil.
    Suspension Capri 2.8i front and rear springs with Bilsteins and axle location kit.
    Anti-dive kit fitted and Polybushed all round.
  78. Mk2 Ghia
    Mk2 Ghia
    Landrover 25mm MC and 2.0L Servo fitted.
    Front Brakes EBC Capri 2.8i Vented & Grooved discs with Mk2 Granada 2.8i Calipers (7mm Spacers)and Black Diamond Predator Brake pads
  79. caprirs0
    now drives rs2600
  80. mick1800
    Just google Capri II register - he runs ir. I've spent years looking for a 2.3S Cortina with those seats and MKII stripes - they existed but I've not seen one since 1984.
  81. microgeezer
    microgeezer mick1800
    how do i get in contact with kev from the mk2 register,also when you sold the car did it have any history with it as i only got receipts and mots since 2011,interesting about the silver stripes,i wanted to keep them gold though as i have a mk2 escort sport black with gold stripes which was a special order,also with the cadiz seats,thanks
  82. mick1800
    I know what you mean but the silver stripes were on the 77 cars to celebrate the silver jubilee so very rare. I've never seen another
  83. microgeezer
    microgeezer mick1800
    thanks for that since you had it,it has had a 2.0 rebuilt engine,receipt came with car for £1800 for this,thanks for that,i do prefer the gold stripes to silver.
  84. mick1800
    Oh right, well its a genuine black 1600S with its original engine when I had it. I did a lot of welding, new front wings, one replacement quarter panel, one or both doors and maybe the sills too. It had immaculate Cadiz seats - the right ones for the car. The only thing it should have is silver stripes not gold ones but I couldn't find silver. Kev in the MKII register might be able to sourc...
  85. microgeezer
    hi just joined this site,recently bought a 1977 1.6s
  86. microgeezer
    microgeezer mick1800
    no it was on ebay,i was out when bidding finished,but high bidder didnt buy,i drove it home 200 miles with no problems
  87. mick1800
    Are you the chap that rang me about it a couple of weeks ago?
  88. microgeezer
    microgeezer mick1800
    hi i believe i have just bought your ex 1600s.vrf 797s if so can you give me any info on car,i got it from a chap in telford,thanks
  89. Pullman motors
    Pullman motors Travis
    no sorry mate didnt get your reply
  90. Finn
    Finn 24vcossie
    Hello, not had Simon's friend request yet, I knew who he was all along!
  91. Hustler
    Hustler Turnover
    I would like to buy you manifolds for £100, if is ok with you I will be heading up your way in the next 2-3 weeks so could collect them then.
    If you want I can pay you by PayPal first if you have an account or give you cash on collection, if that's ok with you can you let me have your address and phone number
  92. edgasket
    edgasket Ste-V
    Only you would put up a picture of a Capri you're banger racing as your profile pic!!!
  93. colinmk1
    colinmk1 r2d2hp
    hi reg need this screen collecting by the 1st september as my mom and dad are moving on the 3rd where the screen is, let me know asap 07796292950 text anytime or call after 7.00
  94. mantagte
    hi all i'm kev from great yarmouth back into capri's after 25 years i'm a welder by trade love all forms of motorsport
  95. trevster mk 2
    trevster mk 2 Lee-mk2
    hi lee love your car, what colour gold is it? looks similar to mine, what mods you done apart from the twins?
  96. panch
    panch The engineer
    hi have you got a capri yet lol
  97. Scottish_Rob
    You know you have a classic car when the abbreviations you can use when talking about it don't include, ESP, ABS, CPU or ECU!
  98. peranav8
  99. MarkyP
    Cheers Nigel hope your keeping well and thanks for the panels mate, wanna see some pics when yours comes from the body shop
  100. sidewaysrob
    sidewaysrob NialDiamond
    Hi Nial, would you have any MK2 Capri Grilles? If so how much please?
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