Anyone good with Photoshop?

Discussion in 'Capri Chit Chat' started by caprimk3, 23 April 2020.

  1. caprimk3

    caprimk3 Richard Capri Power Member

    18 September 2010
    Arendal, Norway
    Mondeo Mk3, 78' Capri 2.3S
    I'm thinking not going stock on my Capri when painted.
    Some details will be in GM Cyber Grey paint.

    I'm toying with painting the grill and headlight bezels, bumper and the Motorsport bumper, either one item or all of them.
    Dilemma is the window rubbers are black, will the trim look good in other color than the std satin black?

    Could someone photoshop this picture?
    IMG_1748 2.jpg

    #1 Alternative one, only grill and headlight bezel in cyber gray.
    #2 Alternative two - Grill, headlight bezels, and spoiler in cyber grey.
    #3 Alternative three - Grill, headlight bezels, bumper and spoiler in cyber grey.

    And this is Cyber grey.
    Btw: My car will be blue, not red.
    Cyber-Gray-Metallic-Chevrolet-Corvette-Stingray-9 (1).jpg
  2. mgentry90

    mgentry90 Registered Capri Power Member

    6 November 2012
    capri obviously!
    If you grey bumpers and all of the front plastics, I would say find a nice grey spoiler so it matches the theme. I think having less bits grey may look a little bitsy and odd, but photoshopped pictures will show if I'm correct or not (though it's still a preference thing anyway)

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