Capri mk1 pre facelift with two chassis numbers.

Discussion in 'Capri Chit Chat' started by Julian Colclough, 9 November 2019.

  1. Hi all, studying my chassis I see my car is bbeckt and on the body coloured plate next to it on the right, it is bbedkt.
    I have read that bbed was an escort chassis number and also in a link via caprinerd that he had a capri that was bbed that was a development car if I am correct.
    I'm not sure as I haven't checked what is, stamped around the suspension turret.
    Can anyone explain?
    Many thanks,
  2. Clockwork Orange

    Clockwork Orange Electrical ??? what like .. bzztt Feck !!! Staff Member Moderator

    21 July 2009
    (Sunny) Lanark (ML11) Scotland
    - Capri II '78 series V8 -
    it certainly appears to be an early pre-Facelift thing ..
    BBECKT is totally correct for Capri, it has been noted elsewhere that BBED, BBEG have been seen ...
    some places in the notation 'D' was for base or deluxe, & G was for GT .. just seems to depend on what actual VinTag style you had ..
    B - Britain
    B- Halewood
    E - 2door coupe
    C - Capri
    K - 1970
    T - April

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