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Discussion in 'Members Capris' started by trevster mk 2, 11 August 2013.

  1. trevster mk 2

    trevster mk 2 Registered Capri Power Member

    25 January 2012
    mk 2 2.9 cosworth boa ghia
    hi all having bought nice black interior, seats and door cards, thought i should do the rest to match[​IMG],
    bought some halfords vinyl rattle can to cover my brown interior, hope you like it i certainly do[​IMG]
    whilst taking out old interior thought i may as well see how floor was, it had a few patches in it, sorry no before photo, but
    a lot of surface so a good wire brush, hoover , kurust and a coat of black rustoleum later and
    http://s1064.photobu...CF0690.jpg.html http://s1064.photobu...CF0689.jpg.html

    i am looking for either new or v good cond black carpet, if anyone can help it would be much appriciated thanks trev [​IMG]

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