Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Calovera, 16 October 2019.

  1. Calovera

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    16 October 2019
    1.6 Calpyso
    Evening all.

    Just about to go and get me my first Capri. A 1981, 1.6L Calypso. Bit of a trek to get it but I think it'll be well worth it.

    (Had to be 1981 for the ULEZ that's coming in.. so I was a bit limited in what happened to have been sold for the last few months)

    A couple of points. I sent a very knowledge classic car inspector up to have a look at it for me. He detailed a very descriptive report. There's a couple of little bits wrong, could anyone give me a hand on the ease of repair.

    The door lock on the passenger side is defective. Not sure if it's because of the key, but I assume its the lock.
    The passenger window winder handle is very stiff and wasn't forced to work.
    Oil pressure gauge doesn't move off of its stop. However, the inspector noted that there was oil in the cambox and it looks good. This is a bit sus to me, however, it could just be an oil pressure sensor that stopped working?

    Seller is using it as a daily. He's got a brown interior in there at the moment, but he's replacing it with the grey, and red strobe Recaro seats with fishnet heads.
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    2 January 2010
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    First off welcome to the forum, there are lots of people on here that can advise and help and also supply parts for you when you need then
    The Calypso only came in a 1.6 engine so just check that it hasnt had an engine swap as the oil switch came in two forms one was electric and worked o light on dash ,GL and lower models, these had a two clock dash, then theres the pressure gauge run from a pipe that works on the 6 pot dash, the type fitted to the calypso, if the engine has been changed it could be that the switch is of the electric type so pipe wouldnt be able to connect, the door lock is a straight forward job to change but i would do both doors and also tailgate as well so locks all match, the strobe interior is a standard interior for the calypso but the fish net head rests are not standard to it these are more the `S` models but worth a bit if you decide to go back to original calypso type
    The calypso is now becoming a rare model, so well done in finding one and good luck with your ownership

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