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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Stinkyspanner, 12 February 2020.

  1. Stinkyspanner

    Stinkyspanner New Member Capri Power Member

    9 January 2020
    Hey everyone, I've recently bought a 2.8i special on a bit of a whim. My Dad had a couple of 3.0 Capris as company cars when I was a kid-he was the general manager at a Ford dealer for a while. Later he had a 87 2.8i in blue and I have very happy memories of going to watch racing at Brands Hatch etc in that car. I can still remember the noise of the V6 just sounded awesome.
    Anyway I've got this car, I'm just going through all the niggles-usual stuff like poor cold start, heater not working, fuel guage not working, hrw not working, rear wiper not working, dash cracked etc etc! I'm really enjoying it actually and I have to say a massive thanks for all the info on this forum, particularly the wiring diagrams which have been invaluable. The body is in unusually good condition it seems, it's had no welding, it still has its original wings and strut tops although the paintwork is a bit tired in places so I suspect I'll end up getting it painted.
    I'm not sure how long I'll keep it, I wasn't really looking for one but it looked good so I bought it but I can already feel it getting under my skin a bit so who knows!
    Anyway, maybe see some of you around and about
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  2. Crash & Burn

    Crash & Burn Registered Capri Power Member

    14 April 2010
    Oregon, finally
    '77 Mk II JPS '76 Mk II JPS
    Welcome in. Keep in mind most of the wiring diagrams come from Scotland, and you'll be fine...:)

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