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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Berto, 4 November 2019.

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    4 November 2019
    Hello to everyone on the north!

    My name is Berto and I am from Torrevieja (Alicante) Spain. I am 35 years old and my first own car (I work in a rent a car since 18 years old and never had the need to have my own car) will be a Ford Capri "2.0". I have a couple of old scooter (Derbi "paleta" 49cc and 65cc) as classic vehicle but now I want to have a classic car. Here good units cost around 7000€ but my idea is to take a 1000€ car ( I have 2 all ready on my list) and build it with a V8 5.0 Ford Mustang manual engine during a full year project. Which I think what Ford had to do back then to build the European Mustang.

    I read a bit about but I will need all your help of this matter.
    Here in Spain the ITV (MOT) allow to upgrade the engine BUT under some specifications:
    1) Engine, gear box, breaks, complete exhaust pipe and shock absorbers has to be from the donor car (Ford Mustang).
    2) The engine mounts in the car have to be the original (not allow to cut o weld nothin in the bodywork or chasis)
    3) All this parts has to be at least from the same year of the build of the Capri to accept the proyect. If the car I will buy is from 1983, the donor has to be from the same year onwards

    I know the original engine mounts in the Capri are not weld on the bodywork (from pictures I saw) but I dont know which year of Mustang V8 5.0 I have to look for it to fit it in the Capy engine bay. Here in Spain are not many for sale as junk cars so maybe will look for some in other place :(

    Well I hope to learn from you all and to read some good advices about the donor car Mustang.

    Regards, Berto.
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