I Just Love Driving My Capri.

Discussion in 'Capri Chit Chat' started by Finn, 11 September 2016.

  1. Finn

    Finn Registered Capri Power Member

    18 July 2009
    Manea. Cambs
    2.9 Mk 3 Capri. 2.8 Mk 3 Capri
    Just nipped out to Tesco for a bit of shopping, steady 60mph along one of these bumpy Fen roads, in my rear view mirror noticed a Vauxhall P.O.S. (Piece of Sh#t) approaching at warp factor 9, went past me at appox 100mph bouncing all over the carriageway, he had proved his point to me emphatically, I was incredibly impressed at his driving abilities and understanding of the powers of adhesion of 4 tyres in a straight line. He disappeared into the distance with a date with fate at some time.
    Trundling on, came to a 30mph zone approaching town center, Red Fiesta with huge stereo, big exhaust, I could hear both, and a very experienced driver of about 17/18, got to within 3 inches of my bumper and attempted to "Monster" me into speeding up, wrong! no way he could overtake me because of the road conditions, parked cars and road junctions, had a peep in my mirrors, smiled, waved and slowed right down, less than 25, he did attempt to get a bit closer so I accelerated to 29! He was stuck behind me all the way into town, and then! the Piece of Resistance, pulled into the opposing traffic, screeched to a halt as he drew abreast of me, parked on double yellow lines outside the cash point.I must say that yet again I was impressed.
    I did manage to drive home without further fun and frolics, as I said I do love driving my Capri, brings out the best in people. Finn.
  2. Daz-RSK

    Daz-RSK Registered Capri Power Member

    17 August 2016
    Essex / Suffolk Border
    1985 2.8i Injection Special
    Ha ha - great little tale. It is strange how the Capri draws out the best in other people's driving.

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