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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Peter Hunt, 12 October 2018.

  1. Peter Hunt

    Peter Hunt New Member Capri Power Member

    2 October 2018
    2.8 i
    IMG_2094.JPG image1.jpeg IMG_4582.jpg
    Hi Folks
    I am the owner of a 1984 2.8i which I bought new in .....1984. I drove it for close to 200,ooo miles up and down the country. Joined CCI which at that time was much less organised than it is now, until 1994 when I put her into dry storage. The Janspeed exhaust had rotted through and I couldn't afford another! I always intended to get her sorted out and back on the road but life took over until 2017. I rejoined CCI and was pleasantly surprised to see the range of spares and services on offer. I then decided to find someone to undertake the body repairs. Eventually decided on Andy's Autobody in Rochester. Loaded her on to a trailer and off we go round the M25. Andy did a cracking job on the body and paintwork but because the rust was deep rooted I decided to have the shell and main components acid dipped and primed. I sent the engine off to Specialised Engines for a complete rebuild. The whole project took surprisingly little time. It was almost too quick, especially when it came to finding the money to pay for it!

    Anyway she's all sorted and running almost like she used to! I'm attending to all the minor stuff like repairing the parcel shelf and trying to get the temperature gauge working. (Martin at capri gear finally sent me the correct sender after I tried 3 or 4 others from other suppliers)

    I've already found this forum to be really helpful and Capri owners seem a friendly bunch. I will be asking lots of questions on here to all those wise gurus who know capris better than me.

    Let's hope she'll do another 200k miles!
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  2. pas28i

    pas28i Registered Capri Power Member

    15 August 2009
    2.8injectionSpecial, golf gti mk2
    Hi and welcome Peter

    Nice 2.8 in one of my favourite colour combinations for the 5speed!

    Like the story, must have been great to buy a brand new Capri, pick it up from the showroom, then drive it day in and day out...and to still have it to this day!

    As with many owners (me included) life gets in the way but at least you’ll soon be reliving that time again!

    Best wishes
  3. Clockwork Orange

    Clockwork Orange Glasgow Subway- Keeping it simple since 1896 Staff Member Moderator

    21 July 2009
    (Sunny) Lanark (ML11) Scotland
    - Capri II '78 series V8 -
    welcome Peter ..
    nice to see you continue on ..
    you must have tons of photos of the rebuild - why not get them lodged, with a story in Members Cars ..
  4. trevster mk 2

    trevster mk 2 Registered Capri Power Member

    25 January 2012
    mk 2 2.9 cosworth boa ghia
    very nice! Peter, welcome and as above some photo's of the restoration would be great
  5. Crash & Burn

    Crash & Burn Registered Capri Power Member

    14 April 2010
    Oregon, finally
    '77 Mk II JPS '76 Mk II JPS
    In agreement here, that's a car and a story perfectly befitting an active and full use of the forum. 200,000 miles more should be no problem.

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