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Discussion in 'Upcoming Events' started by Laser, 4 November 2019.


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  1. Laser

    Laser Laser Staff Member Moderator

    17 July 2009
    On the road again clocking up the miles
    1.6 Laser and 2.0S
    Ok so I've had this crazy idea recently somehow I ended up visiting the transport museum at Wythall in Worcestershire its home to over 90 classic buses and house in an old WW2 military site.
    At this stage its just an idea but when speaking to the team there its got potential .
    I'm thinking age related buses next to relevant Capri's posed for shots as well as an eye opening impressive collection of historic vehicle's including 'Anorak time ' one of the only remaining legendary Midland Red Motorway Express buses (regulated to 90MPH ) for the M1 before the 70MPH speed limits were imposed !
    so at the moment its in the pipeline thinking of a Sunday in early July depending on Clashes with other events

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