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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by J_Iceton, 29 September 2020.

  1. J_Iceton

    J_Iceton New Member Capri Power Member

    29 September 2020
    I am currently working towards my degree in mechanical engineering and one of the projects I have been asked to complete is an overhaul of a Ford Capri MK 2. I have purchased a haynes manual to help to guide me but was wondering if possible anyone on these forums would be able to provide the location of some further documentation such as drawing (with dimension preferred) and/or manuals?

    Also in the continuation of this would anyone be able to providence any advice in regard to components that could be replaced with alternatives to improve the overall drive and safety of the ford Capri MK 2.

    Thank you for any help
  2. Crash & Burn

    Crash & Burn Registered Capri Power Member

    14 April 2010
    Oregon, finally
    '77 Mk II JPS '76 Mk II JPS
    Welcome here -- Hopefully, the assignment is to do just your first Capri. You should want to do more after that. You can start with the technical section of this forum and the search function, where there are several drawings and references to more. I have shop and parts manuals, as do a few others (My parts book covers all except the engine and gearbox). The only drawings I know have dimensions in the manual are the body/shell measuring points, but individual members might have more available. For drive & safety, the first thing comes to mind (second to the driver) that I don't have on any of mine would be a strut brace, and stiffen the front crossmember (I did do that). Beyond that, I'd say is personal preference. Of course, we'll try to think of other assignments for you.
  3. Clockwork Orange

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    21 July 2009
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    - Capri II '78 series V8 -
    Capri II - year of introduction 1974 ..
    facelifted in 1978, and changed again in the mid 80s..
    go with the original scheme, so read up on the 73 Capri as far as mechanical layout & electrics are concerned - be aware that the wiring changed around 76 (October) when all UK production ceased, and they all became built in Germany
    if you get a look at old faithful Haynes Manuals, be aware that they did not change the wiring system from 74 to 76 and beyond ..
    oh - learn here, learn once - Chassis ID = GECP - Capri II = 1974-end of production in 1986..
    please please interrogate the Technical Archive for as much help as yu can glean.. then ask the forum members for clarity ..

    oh and - Aye - welcome.. Have a bundle of fun
  4. caprinerd

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    2 January 2010
    London born and now Nooorrrrrrrfuk
    people mad, round the bend, up the wall, crazy and nuts
    A stated above look through the Technical Archives, there is a world on information in there for you if you need to know anything at all please just ask, on here no question is a stupid or dumb question
    Welcome to the forum bud,
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