my White 28i Special

Discussion in 'Members Capris' started by chris standley, 9 October 2021.

  1. chris standley

    chris standley New Member Capri Power Member

    9 October 2021
    2.8i Special
    Just bought a 2.8i Special that is a non starter and I`m getting stuck into the fuel injection system. It seems someone has had a good go at trying to get it going shall we say and I've found the fuel distributor to be siezed and clogged up. So I've bought a Salvos kit for the fuel distributor but I'm struggling to find a plastic collar/O ring as shown in the attached picture....has anyone had this issue before?
    It sits on the metering unit near to the cause filter.

    20211009_084252.jpg 20210913_174156.jpg

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