Whats It Worth? (Yep, Another One! Not Nos Stuff Though)

Discussion in 'Capri Chit Chat' started by robt100, 5 April 2012.

  1. robt100

    robt100 Registered Capri Power Member

    20 July 2009
    Lots of ongoing projects
    Hoping to get some opinions on this as I haven't a clue!

    Currently heading towards putting a 24v in my Capri in June, so will have coming out a 2.0 Efi. My old bottom end (20 block with 76k on the clock) with an injection head which was (so I was told and from what it looked like) Refurbed about 2 years ago, and Ive only done about 4k since then. Plus the Efi system (Manifold Ecu etc) not entirely sure about the loom as I may use part for the BOA as ive heard the fuel pump loom is seperate? But most parts should be there. Or would it be better to sell the head seperate? As a lot of people will pay good money for the unleaded head.

    There will also be a 4 pot type 9 gearbox up for grabs as well.

    Really not sure what price range I'm looking at, seems it could be anything from what ive seen! Hope you guys can help me out, need something to claw back the cost of the 24v :lol:
  2. Tango

    Tango Registered Capri Power Member

    10 May 2010
    Saffron Walden
    '85 MK3 24v, '72 MK1 TDi. '08 Transit, '14 AMG Merc C Coupe
    prob not what you want to hear, but i just bought a 2.0 efi complete, with ecu, 5sp gearbox, rad, pipes etc for £72

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