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  1. atomic4
    atomic4 Rafer
    Hey pal, nice to hear your stories of back in the day collecting Capri spares as and when you could still get them. Do you still have any panels left over from your tours in Germany?


  2. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange Donald D Odiorne
    welcome Don..
    Hope you like the fun & the info ..
    Alan D Brown
  4. rossored86
    rossored86 CapriGear
    Martin --hello its Chris from Norwich. Do you have a drivers side rear inertia reel belt please 86 MK 3 2.8 if that makes a difference My springs gone (so to speak) ... (i do have the plastic clip on trim so not worried if you dont have that bit.
    Thanks in anticipation
  5. Musky
    Musky hi everyone anyone know most common fault 2.8i warm up regulator pls
  6. caprinerd
    caprinerd udderbelly
    Good to see you back on here x
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    2. udderbelly
      Thankyou for jogging my memory xx
      25 August 2021
    3. caprinerd
      you are more than welcome Sue x
      27 August 2021
  7. Taylor
    Finally got a Ford capri, bit of a project but hopefully we can get it going
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  8. davetherave
    Struggling with the mechanicals of the essex V4.....
  9. caprinerd
    caprinerd fearthecat
    Would like the servo bud
  10. jgray11111
    Finally back on my project after biz partner locked me out and had to retrieve my Capri from premises, then cancer and Covid. Bah humbug!
  11. caprinerd
    caprinerd NialDiamond
    Nial would you have a brake servo from a 1.6 mk3 at all
    1. NialDiamond
      hi Matey, Yes i do mate
      17 July 2021
  12. Roger Stainthorpe
    Roger Stainthorpe
    Hi I am Roger from Holmfirth in West Yorkshire
  13. caprinerd
    caprinerd 2litreScapri
    i would like to book for the ace but do not have you on FB at all also have no idea how to find you as i dont know your name, i have done the ace a few times in the past and this year i could have a couple of other guys to come as well, as i am admin on the EACC on face book,
  14. Laser
    still clocking up the miles
  15. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange Jodymcloughlin86
    Welcome in Jody , ADB
  16. mikel28
    mikel28 CapriJake
    Hello Jake,
    I bought a set of these several years ago, fitted them and all seemed good. The Capri was stored for 4 years and i have just started to work on it again.
    I opened the boot today and it just came down again like the old ones which i replaced, not very good new ones not being used at all.
    Have you had any issues with these replacements with this problem?
  17. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange Richard Capri
    Hallo Richard, hope you and KEX have a bit of fun in here ..
  18. Aguiar Orlando
  19. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange Jay Frediani
    Welcome in Jay. hope you find something of interest .
    Lets see your beast, the USA Federals are rather intriguing, you have friends here
  20. steve 35
    steve 35 Finn
    Hi finn,
    Steve conley
    64 st Edmunds park
    I can see your address below, ill get it boxed and posted ASAP,
  21. Marko
    currently building a 3.0s replica, it's a steep learning curve!
  22. Elvis Fury
    Elvis Fury Lord Flasheart
    Hello, I have just seen an old post from you about the seat tilt bezels. I was searching online and found this forum and your post so signed up for the forum. Do you still have the CAD and would you be prepared to sell the bezels? Mine are completely knackered and after just having the car restored these let it down somewhat.
  23. steve 35
    steve 35 caprinerd
    Morning rog, carbs and pulley arrived today, many thanks mate
    1. caprinerd
      glad you got then ok thanks for letting me know Steve
      23 February 2021
  24. steve 35
    steve 35 caprinerd
    Thanks for that, looking forward to getting them fitted,
  25. caprinerd
    caprinerd steve 35
    all posted out Steve first class and both in the same box mate
  26. steve 35
    steve 35 caprinerd
    Payment sent mate, thanks, doing away with the fireblade carbs and going back to webers
    1. caprinerd
      did the same but went twin 48s and them went V8
      20 February 2021
  27. caprinerd
    glad to be able to help Steve
  28. steve 35
    steve 35 caprinerd
    Will do, thanks mate
  29. caprinerd
    caprinerd steve 35
    right all packed and will be sent first class tomorrow Steve
    please let me know when its with you bud
  30. steve 35
    steve 35 caprinerd
    15 sent,
    Thanks again mate
  31. caprinerd
    caprinerd steve 35
    could you send it as gift mate, so there are no charges
  32. caprinerd
    caprinerd steve 35
    please Steve
  33. steve 35
    steve 35 caprinerd
    That's brilliant Rog, cheers, do I send the payment to your email, through PayPal
  34. caprinerd
    caprinerd steve 35
    hi Steve been down and weighed it postage is 3.85 first class i could send it second class but there is a 20p difference mate, so if we say £15 all in with postage first class does that sound ok to you
  35. steve 35
    steve 35 caprinerd
    Hi, its steve,
    My address is
    64 st Edmunds park
    Thanks again,
    Just let me know how much I owe and ill send it to ya
  36. Antony
    Antony Nick
    Hi Nick, just thought Id say hi, good to see the forum is still going strong. I do visit the site occasionaly but I dont post much as as you know I had to sell my capri A77 NTT. Bye for now Antony.
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    2. Nick
      Hi Antony
      Good to hear you still pop on from time to time. Im not on here much these days to be honest, but plenty of the original rabble still about. Hope your well mate!
      20 February 2021
  37. RIchard How
    RIchard How
    Can anyone help with where to find a heater motor for my 1983 2.8 Injection?
  38. DagenhamShaun
    DagenhamShaun CapriJake
    Hi Jake! I read on your timeline that you had a load of twin light relays that might match our 2.0 Laser? If so would you be interested in letting one go, we think ours has packed up on one side. Thanks Shaun.
  39. benmay100
    benmay100 Wayne
    Hi Wayne

    How much do you want for the 2.8i box and bell housing?

    Do you know if the box is good/operational?

    Many thanks

  40. bert
    i have 1600 xflow 4 speed box standard
  41. bert
    Can I get some help with gearbox and diff questions
    1. Clockwork Orange
      Clockwork Orange
      if you have questions queries for topics, post up in the forum activity pages - this query will get to the members if you post in Technical - transmission area..
      not many folk will be reading your profile page..
      Regards CO
      16 February 2021
  42. Jake
    Jake CapriJake
    Hi, do you have tailgate struts available? Thanks
  43. caprinerd
    just get Penny on the road and bang Lock down
  44. DBSV8
    Foot hard down , eyes shut , smile
  45. Zindon
    Paypal is great,
  46. steve 35
    steve 35 Zindon
    Hi mate, its steve, ill take the grill, £85 posted, do I pay via PayPal?
  47. Chap Foose
    Chap Foose CapriJake
    payment sent cheers
  48. Chap Foose
    Chap Foose CapriJake
    Have you got any tailgate gas struts,cheers
  49. Christopher Graham
  50. Christopher Graham
    Christopher Graham
    New member hi everyone looking forward to reading and seeing various items about our Capri,s
  51. olliexpack23
    olliexpack23 1970 sean
    Hi mate I’m after overrides and a drivers seat can we meet up again So I can buy some bits cheers Ollie
  52. classiccapri
    Looking for a solid shell if anyone has one for sale.
  53. steve 35
    steve 35 Ptgladstone
    hi, just sending you my address
    Steve conley
    64 st Edmunds park
    thanks again
  54. steve 35
    steve 35 Ptgladstone
    40 sent, thanks again
    1. Ptgladstone
      Nice one
      15 September 2020
  55. Ptgladstone
  56. steve 35
    steve 35 Ptgladstone
    I can, do I just gift it to your email
    1. Ptgladstone
      Yes please
      15 September 2020
  57. steve 35
    steve 35 Ptgladstone
    Ill have a set please, what's the best way to pay you?
    1. Ptgladstone
      Can you do paypal?
      15 September 2020
  58. steve 35
    steve 35 Ptgladstone
    What would it cost me for a full set, including the clock and the heater?
    1. Ptgladstone
      It’s around £40 delivered
      15 September 2020
  59. steve 35
    steve 35 Ptgladstone
    Yeah sorry, white dials, 6 pod, mk3,
    1. Ptgladstone
      Yes I can have them made
      15 September 2020
  60. steve 35
    steve 35 Ptgladstone
    hi, was informed by another member that you may have a set of white clocks for sale?
    1. Ptgladstone
      White dials ?
      15 September 2020
  61. C Bradbrooke-Burland
    C Bradbrooke-Burland
    Hi thanks for accepting me to this forum. I am the owner of a 1988 Ford Capri Mk3 2.0 laser. Looking to sell if anyone is interested.
    1. classiccapri

      Could you share some details?
      9 September 2020
    2. Clockwork Orange
      Clockwork Orange
      There is a members car sales area, so a good move for you would be to put up pictures and a description in there along with a price you have in mind..
      I am sure you will get plenty interest in the Capri..
      but note that the last year for Capri was 1986, so you can accurately date your Laser by looking at the chassis plate -GAECxx12345.. where xx is the Factory build date code..
      16 February 2021
  62. kevo
    my new capri s.
  63. Andy Rutter
    Andy Rutter mk3laserboy
    Could anyone offer any advice please . Removed engine for respray and now refitted having trouble starting . Changed fuel pump and have 7bar pressure to metering head , change warmup regular , checked timing and distributor all ok ,

    She will run if I keep my foot hard down on accelerator , just about run . I assume fuel issue and could it be metering head itself ?

    Andrew Rutter
    Club member
    Sent from my iPhone
  64. Gragam Lee
    Gragam Lee
    Name should be Graham.
  65. Charlie371
    Charlie371 wildwest-capri
    Any chance you can help me out with some badges?
  66. lee_capri
  67. Lee Sykes
    Lee Sykes
    "I am surprised by this, Surprised and annoyed" Jeremy Clarkson
  68. caprinerd
    caprinerd Finn
    R Whiltey
    7 Blenheim Crescent
    IP25 6RN
  69. Clockwork Orange
    Clockwork Orange Tony
    Welcome Tony ..
    hope you have lots of fun in here
  70. biasmatty
    Back working on the 1.6
  71. caprinerd
    Penny tried to eat me and i have a minging skull ache now
  72. steve 35
    steve 35 capri_turbo
    Hi mate, I'll buy the headlamp washer units please, if you still have them, been after some for ages
  73. caprinerd
    caprinerd Lee Capri
    ok cheers bud
  74. caprinerd
    caprinerd Lee Capri
    Hi and welcome to the forum
    I have to ask, Are you the Lee Capri that is or was married to a lady called Ann, and were members of OSF
    1. Lee Capri
      Lee Capri
      Hi mate, no that must have been another Lee Capri... Cheers
      23 April 2020
  75. caprinerd
    penny turned over for the first time in two years happy days
  76. steve 35
    steve 35 wildwest-capri
    Hi, I sent a pm about the capri power stickers but think I sent it to the wrong person, oops, just wondering whats the best way to send Payment,
  77. caprinerd
    slowly getting Penny done little bit at a time, but getting there
  78. caprinerd
    what to do next, how do the unemployed live like this
  79. Blackwind
    The Last of the V8
  80. Laser
    Still rolling around ! Cov-19 ....laser is feeding the nation
  81. caprinerd
    This is getting stupid cant even goout as a couple now
  82. Finn
    Finn stuball
    Hello! can you give me a ring when you have a mo please. Paul.
  83. Mike Stubbington
    Mike Stubbington CapriJake
    Hi the gas struts are they still available as I need a set for a 2.8 please. Mike Stubbington
  84. youngsnapon
    youngsnapon Idge
  85. Bevan Reed
    Bevan Reed Jan-AC
    Nice the colour
  86. Chap Foose
    Chap Foose
    Chap Foose is back
  87. Finn
    Finn stuball
    You have been a very quiet person!
  88. Chap Foose
  89. SteveC28
    SteveC28 Capri2.0S
    Hello mate. I'm looking at the BMW light conversion and your write up is great. Unfortunately the pics were/are hosted on photobucket and are not clear. Would you still have the pictures?
  90. Finn
    Finn Nick
    Hello Sailor, if I send you 4 pics could you post them on a new thread I will be staring on Parts for sale, please?. I can only send them via FB. Paul.
  91. Finn
    Finn trevster mk 2
    I am in a similar position, only my Mum lives in a granny flat attached to the main house, so walking distance. . Hope your Mum gets better. Lots of jobs to do on your Capri, all good. Paul.
    1. trevster mk 2 likes this.
  92. charlyrs
    charlyrs Finn

    I write to you for helping on a 2.9 Carb conversion.
  93. Finn
    Finn Nick
    Still got the Sonia pics?
  94. Finn
    Finn trevster mk 2
    Hello big feller! Long time no see! Is your Capri done and dusted? on the road? Paul.
    1. trevster mk 2 likes this.
    2. trevster mk 2
      trevster mk 2
      hi Paul sorry not been on line much been busy, mum,s not well so back and forth to devon, never done and dusted mate but has been on the road this year, plans afoot for a few changes for next year including buying a genuine ford 'S' spoiler which will be going on and painted body colour and a brake upgrade and rolling road set up
      19 November 2019
  95. Александр
    Всем привет,мечтал о Капри с 2007года,периодически просматривая варианты,и вот купил))))мк3 2.9 V6
  96. Александр
    Ищу единомышленников в Украине
  97. Ferris
    I just want to go fast!
  98. Graham Hart
    Graham Hart capri_turbo
    Hi bud did x pack wheels sell regards Graham
  99. caprimalc
    caprimalc mk3laserboy
    hi Simon I know its been a while and hope you are both doing well. I have lost all contact numbers and would be great to meet up again but cant do evenings or weekends as I have to care for veronica. please could you text me on my new number 07783581575 and hopefully can arrange to get together soon
  100. caprimalc
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